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Subject:   Generic Type Information and Reflection
Date:   2005-12-11 12:25:37
From:   toga98
As the previous poster mentioned, you could add generics to the BeanReader interface. More importantly your statement that generics and reflection don't mix is incorrect or at least misleading. The generated classes still contain the generic type information and it is accessible at runtime via reflection. See java.lang.reflect for more information.
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  • Generic Type Information and Reflection
    2005-12-14 04:18:11  BrunoVernay [View]

    There are some info about "Generic reflections" here :

    Looks like your code readability will suffer if you use it. But I won't bite you whatever you decide.

    I admire your calm, given the disrespectful responses you get for having made your work freely available and an article about it. Some criticism are more devastating than contructiv. No matter why so many switch to RoR and its friendly community.