Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   Further Clarification
Date:   2002-06-09 20:39:52
From:   jafager
Response to: Further Clarification

If you have an SMTP relay that you can use, you can avoid sendmail entirely and use a lightweight MTA like to forward outgoing mail to the relay. I use that method to handle mail sent from mutt.

What I have not figured out is how to send mail to different relays based on the current network location (I have a laptop and send mail from several different networks).


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  • Not using sendmail is not the direction I want to go.
    2002-06-10 08:52:48  jeffulri [View]

    There are many ways to get around using sendmail. That's not what I want to do. Being able to actually use sendmail, I believe, was the entire point of this article, as well as my request for clarification, not providing alternitives to it. Thanks for your suggestion though! Should sendmail in it's present form become completely unsuitable for PHP's email interface, I'll most likely end up taking a different route. I'm still left unable to use MAIL if I haven't SU'ed first. Thereby making it impossible to use PHP's sendmail interface to mail comments from my weblog to me, send out mailings to my Forum's members, etc. as I had been able to with the previous version of sendmail. Any comprehensive instructions on the usage of the new version of sendmail's TrustedUser database would be helpful. After an exhaustive search, I've turned up nothing. There's no man page for it, and it's usage isn't mentioned the sendmail's man pagess either. As it is, I've been forced to cmod 777 /var/spool/mqueue to allow me to use sendmail as I had. Thereby eleminating the security the current version of sendmail affords. I have yet to check at for information on the TrustedUser database. That's where I'm headed next. Having not used the TrustedUser database before, having usage instructions from someone who has would be helpful in this instance.