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  Update to Mac OS X Terminal, Part 3
Subject:   nevermind, sort of...
Date:   2002-06-08 15:36:36
From:   jiclark
Well, I figured out how to "sudo mail root", and it worked, so I figure I'll start getting the cron job reports again tomorrow. So do I still have the 'extra' security that the new version of sendmail is supposed to provide? Is that why it's not possible to send mail to root without sudo-ing first?? [I did do the DontBlameSendmail part of your instructions, BTW, does that eliminate the new security 'features'? And if so, how do I go back and make the cron emails work and still not compromise security??]

Sorry to be so ignorant, but I'm a good representative of the vast majority of OS X users: an old Mac hand that knows NOTHING about Unix!!! We all need a little hand-holding through this transition...

Thanks again, John

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  • nevermind, sort of...
    2002-06-08 21:42:03  jeffulri [View]

    I can answer that one for you at this point. Doing a su does NOT circumvent the new security - in fact, the fact you MUST su is due to the new security features. You didn't used to (10.1.4) have to do that. CHMOD 777 the folder that returns that nasty error so that it doesn't throw the error...that circumvents the new security (Grin)...