Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   playing videos in ipod videu
Date:   2005-12-05 12:36:06
From:   question
can i download my dvd into ipod video or are there any website where i can get videos without paying $2 for every music video?
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  • playing videos in ipod videu
    2005-12-25 16:19:47  Stevanovich [View]

    As for watching DVD's on your iPod, you can download "Handbrake" for Mac OS X to convert your DVD's. You can download "PQ DVD Converter" for PC. There's a bunch of other apps for PCs but I haven't looked 'cause I have a Mac.

    For "Handbrake" instructions go to:

    I don't know anything about PQ DVD con whatver because I haven't/can't try it. Hope this helps!
  • Tahnk You
    2005-12-25 08:33:31  Raj_Kumar [View]

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