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Weblog:   Aperture on a PowerBook, Pt. 1
Subject:   Hard Drive space
Date:   2005-12-04 02:19:11
From:   etienneg
One of my concern in using Aperture (on both my 17" Powerbook and my Power PC) is the size of hard disk needed considering that there is only one library (and aditional vaults for back-ups).
Could you elaborate on that aspect?
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  • Derrick Story photo RE: Hard Drive space
    2005-12-04 07:59:54  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    It's a concern of mine too, especially because there are many features in iPhoto 5 that I like, and I want to have both applications on my PowerBook. I haven't figured this one out yet. But I do know that an 80 GB hard drive isn't big enough for my needs...

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