Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer
Subject:   Problems
Date:   2005-11-30 14:48:57
From:   step1up
Response to: Problems

I had a similar problem, and reinstalling eclipse didn't help. is there any extra configuration that need to be done?
Can any one help?
thank you.
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  • MySQL-JDBC with Eclipse -Problem solved
    2007-09-09 23:05:27  sugam.sharma [View]

    Dear users
    I am happy to share this wonderful moment with you.
    I have connected MySQL with Eclispe successfully.
    The speciality which I have done is" Put your J/Connecter inside MySQL/data sub directory where your database exists.
    If you need my assisstance.
    please write me


    Sugam Sharma
    TrentLott GeoSpacial & Visualization
    Research Center
  • Problems
    2005-12-08 10:26:06  subguys [View]

    You have to install GEF, you can download it from or using the software update of Eclipse 3.1. then you will see the SQLexplorer
  • Problems
    2005-12-01 09:01:54  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    After restarting the Package Explorer are you still getting the error?
  • Problems
    2005-11-30 16:42:21  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    Restart the Package Explorer.
    Install the plugin and restart Eclipse.