Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   re:Doesn't work for me
Date:   2005-11-28 00:05:38
From:   eytanbernet
Response to: Doesn't work for me

See if your headphones will plug into the portable DVD player and work. If they do not, then your portable DVD player is not wired like the iPod. AS I said - Apple's is adapted to work with headphones - your DVD player could have any kind of wiring - they supplied the cable for it...
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  • re:Doesn't work for me
    2006-01-02 19:13:12  Caittt! [View]

    This isn't working for me either, I just got an Ipod for Christmas, and like you I am trying to use the cables from my portable dvd player. I checked and the head phones work in the DVD player, so it is the same wiring. All I get on the TV screen is messed up color and picture.. and a noise that is awful. Could you let me know what I should do? Thanks :)
    • re:Doesn't work for me
      2006-01-21 15:25:07  vic-20 [View]

      Me either. I've tried all three colors in the video input on two different TVs and all I get is a scrambled picture. I'm pissed. I waited a week for delivery of the cable just to save $12 or so and now it doesn't work. In an attempt to save money I've spent an extra $8. Just buy the real cable and be happy.
    • re:Doesn't work for me
      2006-01-11 15:43:44  mattymatt [View]

      messed up picture with awful noise -- that sounds to me like the cables just aren't in the right jacks. if you put the video cable into the audio jack, it sounds pretty unpleasant. try unplugging all three cables from the TV, then plugging them in one at a time while the ipod is playing some video out. if each cable works, then you're fine. but if you plug one in and it does something unexpected, unplug it and try it in a different jack.
  • re:Doesn't work for me...does for me
    2005-12-12 19:48:59  alibe [View]

    I just got cables from Radio shack...$16 and the red was the video. works good...a 30G.... seem like decent cables.