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  Java Web Applications
Subject:   place the .class file?
Date:   2005-11-23 22:34:24
From:   kethi

I have been through the document and followed each step, can u please tell me where should i place the .class and .java files,
As i am new to it , can u tell me what should be the <servlet-class>?? </servlet-class>
and what should be written in action="" tag?

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  • place the .class file?
    2006-01-09 02:10:02  nitinchoube [View]


    u place the .class file in WEB-INF/classes folder.<servlet-class>full path of ur servlet class .class file </servlet-class>
    action tag contains the <url-pattern></url-pattern>
  • place the .class file?
    2006-02-15 21:57:23  subhash10 [View]

    how i compile my first java servlet program under tomcat
    which directory i place it
    how i configer xml file
    how i test my first programming