Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   iPod Video v. Sony PSP
Date:   2005-11-23 16:05:49
From:   kwolfhard
I never would have expected you'd be able to do that with an iPod Video. Do you think it'd work with a PSP just as easily?

As much as I love new toys, there's no way I'd cough up the dough to buy another portable movie source.

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  • iPod Video v. Sony PSP
    2005-11-23 23:03:28  eytanbernet [View]

    No, a psp requires this....

    What a riot...
    and $100 is the cheapest...
    As I said, Apple did nothing wrong. The cable is on par pricing with all their cables, and specifications for the cable can be found in their tech notes to see how it was done. Had they made the jack match the camcorder jack, so as your old camcorder cable would work, you would need proprietary headphones. Now what would you rather have - colors that are mislabeled on a 3rd party cable, or having to have to buy proprietary headphones or a headphone adapter for the iPod?
    I am still looking for a retraction of the language in this article in some way. Thank you for the good tip - but the multiple insults to Apple's intent in changing the colors - as if it was intended to make expensive proprietary cables, is just plain ridiculous.