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  JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null
Date:   2005-11-21 18:34:32
From:   bwang00
Response to: cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null


Usually the first problem using replication is troubleshoot multicast in your machine/network as this is always environment depedent. Towards this end, this is JGroups Wiki that can help you out:

If multicast works, then you can also run the JBoss Cache unit test suite that comes with the distro (target run.batch and run.aop.batch).


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  • cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null
    2005-11-23 12:57:40  korosh [View]

    thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction. Indeed multicast on my machine was misconfgiured.

    I had static ip assignment and yet in my /etc/hosts file I did not tie the IP address to my hostname. This resulted in multicast only listening to loopback. Thats the best explanation I have for it with my limited network knowledge.

    Now it works as expected.