Installing and Configuring Ubuntu on a Laptop
Subject:   good article... but, you make it seem like this is hard...
Date:   2005-11-21 11:34:34
From:   the_wanderer
I've got a 3 year laptop, dell insprion 2600 if my memory is functioning to par this afternoon... I've installed hoary, breezy, and dapper (the 6.04 ubuntu dev release) all without issue. I've actually been running a server (wordpress blog :-) for a few weeks now.

what i'm saying is... why is the concept of an ubuntu laptop / linux laptop an issue at all? i guess i can understand the wifi support headaches ... ie ... get a prism2 card... but other than that... i've never even heard of a problem with laptop installs...

anyway... i'd suggest if you really need to check a laptop out, burn yerself a DSL (damn small linux) live disk and take it to your local bestbuy/compusa/frys and test the box out.

thanks for the article.
p@ - austin tx

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  • Jeremy Jones photo good article... but, you make it seem like this is hard...
    2005-11-21 11:59:01  Jeremy Jones | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    It certainly wasn't my intent to make it sound hard. It can be very easy, but it can also be a pain in the rear. My point was how good of a job Ubuntu does auto-configuring and coming with support for all the hardware in my laptop (and every piece of hardware I've had it on). Linux in the past has had its moments of being less than friendly for hardware recognition and auto-hardware-recognition. One of the things that makes Ubuntu so pleasant to use is that it makes configuration of hardware something you don't really have to think about.