JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null
Date:   2005-11-20 16:01:05
From:   bwang00
Response to: cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null

How did you run it? Have you performed the aopc step to do POJO instrumentation first. Actually, if you have the 1.2.4 distro (like I mentioned in the article), under examples/aop/sensor, there is readme.txt. One of the easy step is to do, "build.bat run.aop.example" should run the corresponding ant target. Was it the step that you took?


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  • cache2_.getObject("monitor") returns null
    2005-11-21 10:38:52  korosh [View]

    Hi Ben,

    I did it both ways. I run the ant target aopc directly from my IDE and then ran the test class.

    I also just ran the "run.aop.example" target from command line using Ant. same NullPointerException.

    I am on Linux(Debian), JDK 1.4.2, Ant 1.6.1.

    any ideas ?