What Is Bluetooth
Subject:   cradles
Date:   2005-11-18 22:43:16
From:   skot.nelson
"If you carry multiple devices on the road, you'd probably appreciate the elimination of the cradle."

Still need to charge the little buggers though.

Why do I like the Motorola Razr? You can charge it over a standard USB cable. Killer feature.

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  • Re: razr
    2005-11-20 15:03:48  miky [View]

    Razr lacks some java/bluetooth bridging features, which means no connection with Address Book (no number dialing and SMS sending) and no Salling Clicker ( support, a big point to consider if you own a Mac.
    • Re: razr
      2005-11-23 12:05:56  paulwaite [View]

      I've sent an SMS from my PowerBook via a RAZR (in the UK) using BluePhoneElite. Not sure if that's the point you're getting at.