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Subject:   Ruby desktop applications
Date:   2005-11-18 14:05:21
From:   Nicolay77
Could you use Ruby to build a compelling desktop application right now? No. The toolkits don't exist for it. But if the right toolkit were there--it's possible.

Well he is plain wrong. There is wxRuby and you can have native looking desktop applications in Windows, Linux, and OSX with it.

Here you can check it:

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  • James Duncan Davidson photo Ruby desktop applications
    2005-11-20 19:22:27  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I didn't say that you couldn't build a desktop application. I'm well aware of wxWindows and the like. The word I used was compelling. Of course, that's a matter of opinion...
    • Ruby desktop applications
      2005-11-26 15:09:49  DrFreeze [View]

      RubyCocoa is capable of producing production
      apps on OS X. I'm not sure why he didn'nt mention
  • Ruby desktop applications
    2005-11-21 13:28:41  homeunix [View]

    I think Duncan meant something that doesn't suck. Have you tried programming with that stuff? It might look like the half decent crap on linux, but not much better. On Mac it looks like 100% crap, but I am not sure about windows
    • Ruby desktop applications
      2005-12-05 11:35:15  AdrienLamothe [View]

      That is somewhat of a problem right now. Multi-platform development has been a tough nut to crack. What I like about about Linux, KDE and QT is the developers tend to concentrate on the foundations first, then later work to add chrome.

      Cocoa is nice, if you want to develop only for the Mac. The Mac reminds me of the S.F. Bay Area, lots of people "thinking different" in the same way. It is preferable to most other choices, but really isn't the free (as in freedom) alternative it poses as.
  • Ruby desktop applications
    2005-12-03 12:49:20  AdrienLamothe [View]

    There was also no mention of Ruby/QT. Ruby/QT is also in the early stages, but will undoubtedly improve.

    The compelling thing about Ruby is it appears to have all the language features needed to accommodate sophisticated frameworks. Bruce Tate is probably correct in predicting more Ruby frameworks (that will accomplish the same tasks of todays' enterprise Java frameworks.)

    Regardless, competition is good and will keep all parties working hard to please their constituents.

    - Adrien Lamothe