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Subject:   can't do RoR in Java?....
Date:   2005-11-18 01:50:44
From:   chrisrimmer
Response to: can't do RoR in Java?....

From what I've seen, Trails is simply a way to generate lots of the boilerplate configuration that is required to use Spring, Hibernate etc. Once it's done that, you're on your own. So if you need to add another field to an object, you need to add it by hand in each tier. In Rails, if you change the database tables, the model classes change automatically. That is just not possible in Java.
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  • can't do RoR in Java?....
    2005-11-18 11:05:18  marcusbreese [View]

    Sure it is... just not with the current frameworks.
    You could have hibernate generate your pojo's for you from the database schema using reverse engineering... Even with RoR's though, if you add a new relationship (1..n) you'll have to manually add it to the model.

    For the most part, most of what you get with RoR, you can do with a very complicated ant script... not that you'd want to, but you could.