Running Cyrus IMAP
Subject:   Timely article...
Date:   2005-11-02 20:49:02
From:   fak3r
Response to: Timely article...

Not sure if it's me or the Fbsd 6.0 I'm running, but the fix is:

su - cyrus

mkdir /var/imap/proc

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  • Timely article...
    2005-11-02 21:19:33  fak3r [View]

    Hmm...and then I had to do:

    su - cyrus
    mkdir /var/imap/db

    but now I'm failing at:
    Nov 2 23:18:48 pepe postfix/lmtp[98941]: 9983C21D: to=<xxxxxxxxx>, relay=none, delay=2, status=deferred (connect to /var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp]: Socket operation on non-socket)

    Google isn't helping yet...