Running Cyrus IMAP
Subject:   Timely article...
Date:   2005-11-02 20:31:47
From:   fak3r
I was rebuilding my server tonight, and looked out on bsdforums for advice on an IMAP server and came here. Great HOWTO, however I'm stuck at:

    # su cyrus


    reading configure file...

    i will configure directory /var/imap .

    i saw partition /var/imap/spool.


    configuring /var/imap ...

    couldn't change to /var/imap at (eval 1) line 67.

    %ls -l /var/imap/

    total 2

    drwxr-x--- 2 cyrus mail 512 Nov 2 22:18 spool

    %ls -l /var/imap/spool/

    total 0


    The directory is there, perms are ok, what's up?

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    2006-07-11 05:10:08  jlbrown [View]

    Simply use sudo before the command - worked for me!


    sudo tools/mkimap

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    2005-11-17 08:21:12  Chemi [View]

    The problem may be that you copied and pasted the imapd.conf from the article, then you deleted the part "[1]", but forgot to remove the blank space at the end of the line (at least this was what I did and had the same problem). That makes the perl script crazy.
    I removed the blank space at the end of the line and everything went OK.

    Best wishes.
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    2005-11-02 20:49:02  fak3r [View]

    Not sure if it's me or the Fbsd 6.0 I'm running, but the fix is:

    su - cyrus

    mkdir /var/imap/proc
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      2005-11-02 21:19:33  fak3r [View]

      Hmm...and then I had to do:

      su - cyrus
      mkdir /var/imap/db

      but now I'm failing at:
      Nov 2 23:18:48 pepe postfix/lmtp[98941]: 9983C21D: to=<xxxxxxxxx>, relay=none, delay=2, status=deferred (connect to /var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp]: Socket operation on non-socket)

      Google isn't helping yet...