Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   SystemStackError
Date:   2005-11-02 07:24:54
From:   isthisuniqueyet??
Response to: SystemStackError

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this fix didn't work for me. Now when I start the server, I see warnings to the effect that the RAILS_ROOT and RAILS_ENV constants as declared in the environment.rb file had already been initialized. I'll keep poking at it, though.
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  • SystemStackError
    2005-11-02 07:32:26  GFunk911 [View]

    I had gotten these errors, it has to do with where those constants are defined, the location is different in the generated version and the source zip. When I posted about the environment files, I was not getting those errors. I thought I had given myself a fresh generated set of files and then only copied over the environment files, but I guess not. I don't have time to do any work on this now, but when I do I'll post here again if I find anything.

    FYI, I believe those constants are defined in a boot.rb file, which is in the generated version but not the I don't know where tehy are defined in the, but I would guess the environment files based on your experience.
    • SystemStackError
      2005-12-09 16:24:05  GFunk911 [View]

      I got a fix

      the last post