Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   SystemStackError
Date:   2005-11-01 15:11:11
From:   GFunk911
Response to: SystemStackError

It appears the problem is due to different environment files. I have absolutely no idea WHY it's a problem, knowing hardly any ruby or anything about the technical details of Rails.

I fixed the problem by replacing the Environments folder and the environment.rb file in the config folder with the corresponding files from the source zip of this tutorial.

I can only assume that in between this tutorial and now, rails has cahnged in some way to cause this error? Is is syntax or are the steps incorrect or out of date in some way?

If anyone who has gotten the tutorial to work in the past would take 10 minutes and run it again with the latest version of rails and the corresponding gems, it would be appreciated.

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  • SystemStackError
    2005-11-02 07:24:54  isthisuniqueyet?? [View]

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this fix didn't work for me. Now when I start the server, I see warnings to the effect that the RAILS_ROOT and RAILS_ENV constants as declared in the environment.rb file had already been initialized. I'll keep poking at it, though.
    • SystemStackError
      2005-11-02 07:32:26  GFunk911 [View]

      I had gotten these errors, it has to do with where those constants are defined, the location is different in the generated version and the source zip. When I posted about the environment files, I was not getting those errors. I thought I had given myself a fresh generated set of files and then only copied over the environment files, but I guess not. I don't have time to do any work on this now, but when I do I'll post here again if I find anything.

      FYI, I believe those constants are defined in a boot.rb file, which is in the generated version but not the I don't know where tehy are defined in the, but I would guess the environment files based on your experience.
      • SystemStackError
        2005-12-09 16:24:05  GFunk911 [View]

        I got a fix

        the last post