What Is a Linux Distribution
Subject:   Service? You must be kidding!
Date:   2005-10-31 09:22:28
From:   GerhardP
Since when did calling something "Service" become linux jargon? - Please call it a daemon for god's sake!

A daemon ( is a daemon is a daemon...

Thanks for listening :-)

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  • Edd Dumbill photo Re: Service? You must be kidding!
    2005-11-06 07:45:09  Edd Dumbill | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Yeah, I thought twice about this, but found that the term 'daemon' has been retired in recent times.

    All the modern Linux distributions I've looked at recently (Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE) refer to daemons as services, it's a lot more easily understood, and keeps religious alarmists happy! :)