Shell Scripts, Command Lines, and Classpaths
Subject:   setenv -command not found
Date:   2002-05-27 09:40:17
From:   dhtmlkitchen
localhost% setenv JAXP /development/jaxp
zsh: command not found: setenv

localhost% setenv CP $JAXP/jaxp.jar:$JAXP/crimson.jar:$JAXP/xalan.jar:.
zsh: command not found: setenv
localhost% sh setenv JAXP /development/jaxp
setenv: can't open input file: setenv
localhost% csh setenv JAXP /development/jaxp
setenv: No such file or directory.


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  • setenv -command not found
    2007-10-08 22:05:30  jenizundel [View]

    wrong shell. you are in z shell; you can change your shell to bash (a more common shell) by typing in bash at your prompt. or t shell, typing tcsh (I think)...

    If you use bash instead of t or k shell, the command is export CP=$JAXP/jaxp.jar:$JAXP/crimson.jar:$JAXP/xalan.jar:.

    (instead of setenv)