AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons
Subject:   Quicksand?
Date:   2005-10-27 03:16:05
From:   hieper
I can't check the working of your AJAX history solution since I use Safari, but it seems to solve a basic problem on other browsers.

What I was wondering though: the solution depends on iframes. This may be the only way to go for now, but it doesn't seem to have any future (or present even), since iframe is already absent from xhtml strict. Isn't this a 'hack' with a limited life? Are there alternative approaches, or should browsers / standards provide more AJAX support in this area?

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  • Quicksand?
    2005-10-27 09:06:57  BradNeuberg [View]

    Hi Hieper. Only the Internet Explorer part of the solution depends on iframes; Firefox uses a timer and checks the location bar at regular intervals.

    In time, I hope that browsers bake the kind of functionality in the Really Simple History library right into the browser itself, for improved reliability.

    In terms of XHTML, I believe that XHTML is a dead end; see my blog post "XHTML Considered Harmful" at for details.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on the article.

    Brad Neuberg