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  SWF Is Not Flash (and Other Vectored Thoughts)
Subject:   SWF is not Flash
Date:   2002-05-22 04:06:57
From:   wagram
I liked the article but Flash/SWF stopped being a graphic format when people started making web sites in it. Making web sites is the primary reason I will be choosing to use SVG over SWF.

SVG promises to deliver a superior outcome for all users, not just those that can see images.

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  • Jacek Artymiak photo SWF is not Flash
    2002-05-22 05:22:51  Jacek Artymiak | [View]

    I agree, but what SVG promises, SWF delivers today. It may be ugly, incomplete, or politically incorrect, but it works.

    The kind of integration that make the Flash and SWF such a great solution is still not available for SVG. We are still waiting for an intergrated authoring/programming environment for SVG to match Flash MX.
    • SWF is not Flash
      2002-07-24 04:41:26  wagram [View]

      The authoring/ programming environment I am using for SVG development is Illustrator 10, GoLive. Remember I dont make graphics with it I make web sites that occassionaly have an animation
    • Robin Berjon photo SWF is not Flash
      2002-05-22 12:20:03  Robin Berjon | [View]

      SVG delivers today too. Maybe not on the web at large, but for app builders it's most definitely there and being used. Few websites need to be complex apps (and when they do, what's an extra plugin?), whereas intranets are using those more and more frequently. That's where SVG is, and is today. In my five last contracts I saw it used in two government intranets and two large company intranets, and only one of those contracts had anything to do with SVG. I have seen no use of SWF there, nor any intention to use it.

      The Flash/SWF integration is only interesting for animations and the kind of Hello World apps that one can make with MX. SWF has good libraries, but we're still waiting for the kind of integration that you have between any XML publishing framework and SVG.