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  What Is Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Ruby on Rails vs TurboGears
Date:   2005-10-14 11:43:04
From:   pierrebai
What I would love to know is the advantage of Ruby on Rails (RoR) vs TurboGears (TG). I've been learning and using TG for the past 4 days and as far as I can see they seem to provide the same functionality: MVC, templates (TG uses Kid), ORM (TG uses SQLObject), dynamic web and URL parsing (TG uses CherryPy), AJAX and JSON support, multi-DB support, Apache support, etc.

Ruby seems a bit more advanced (I didn't read anything in TG about generating from an existing DB, maybe it exists).

Anyone has experience with both?

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  • Ruby on Rails vs TurboGears
    2006-01-17 10:50:15  ramdaz [View]

    Yes SQL Object does support it. And the 0.9 rocks. TG will win back misguided Pythonistas
    • Curt Hibbs photo Ruby on Rails vs TurboGears
      2006-01-17 11:12:02  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Well, I certainly hope so. Choice is a good thing.