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  Using SSL with Non-Blocking IO
Subject:   License
Date:   2005-10-13 07:25:32
From:   BobWhite
Not sure I understand the license. Are we able to record a song about the source code and sell it in the music store?
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  • License
    2005-10-13 08:52:53  BobWhite [View]

    If you're looking for a good license to make you famous and loved by the community, check out the FreeBSB license.

    The LGPL (Lesser) would be good for this though the FreeBSD license is more clear and to the point. LGPL is also bad because it requires a modified version of the library to be covered under the same license.

    The FreeBSB protects your copyright on redistribution of the source code, but allows developers to modify and use the library as part of a commercial project without licensing hassles. They would only need to provide a credit or footnote in an about dialog.
  • License
    2005-10-13 10:58:48  BobWhite [View]

    The artistic license is also good--probably the most clear. The LGPL does allow you to create your own license for the derived work. You just need to include the copyright file somewhere in your distribution. The same holds true with the BSD license.

    The GPL is bad because it forces you to only produce free software if it comes with the free library. You can add an exception to the GPL to make it a truely free library, like the LGPL, which they are doing with the open source Java compiler.