Weblog:   NetFlix for Free . . . Plus a DVD-Copying Tip
Subject:   hmmm... time-shifting?
Date:   2005-10-12 20:28:20
From:   psxndc
Putting on the asbestos suit...
While I commend you for your honesty, you really are likely to still be committing copyright infringement when you rip the DVD to your hard drive if you don't own it. Copyright is an anti-copying right, that is, the copyright holder can tell you that you cannot legally copy a copyrighted work under X circumstances. Would you really ever be liable, no, likely not. But technically you're still copying it in a manner not intended by the copyright holder.
Now if you were making an archival copy of one of your own DVDs, that would be different, but...
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  • David Battino photo hmmm... time-shifting?
    2005-10-12 22:02:52  David Battino | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Technically, I suspect you’re right, though I’ve learned that the law is sometimes gray rather than black and white. The question in my mind is: Who is harmed by my time-shifting the DVD content? Had I kept renewing the disc at the library until I got around to watching it, I would have prevented others from discovering it.

    Come to think of it, the biggest file-sharers are libraries. Indeed, mine offers audio books as free downloads. The files, which are in encrypted WMA format, expire after 21 days but can be renewed at least once. I can read O’Reilly e-books through my library’s Web site as well. —David
  • hmmm... time-shifting?
    2005-10-13 10:07:00  chahn [View]

    "Now if you were making an archival copy of one of your own DVDs, that would be different, but..."

    I must disagree with this comment.

    This is one of the nastier aspects of the DMCA,
    that you break the law when you descrypt the media,
    even if you own the original!

    The Mother Lovers! The DMCA has to go!

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