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  Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4
Subject:   streams & the .pls file
Date:   2002-05-10 11:46:36
From:   lilnemo
If you have trouble coming up with IP's simply download the .pls file; open it up with TextEdit. From there it should provide you with several ip's that the music streams from. Copy paste into the plist & enjoy!
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  • IP trouble in www.live365.com, no .pls files, unix?
    2002-05-11 17:12:18  psheldon [View]

    But, thanks. That pls file contains IP's might be good on other broadcast sites than iTunes source.

    iTunes doesn't always give machine numbers. It doesn't give them for its own channels, but if I find them on shoutcast, and have IE launch iTunes playing, it will show the numbers (get info dialogue's edit url... button).

    You can copy the long url and open stream or paste in IE to open stream and you'll get an editable url that might be shorter, but not a number.

    Is there unix program to get IP like readme says winamp and xmms?
    • www.live365.com .pls files revealed in finder by download mgr
      2002-05-11 18:00:44  psheldon [View]

      had no machine numbers and ? after last number with long string (script?). The constructed term file with the #IP crashed terminal.

      But, pls files seem to be a generality.

      There are more IP's in the readme...

      Oh boy!
    • Got www.live365.com IP not for streamripper
      2002-05-11 17:32:04  psheldon [View]


      got IP for www.live365.com as

      But, Gregorian Chant path after number wasn't respected by streamripper :