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Subject:   -of fun Asterisk->OpenPBX.org
Date:   2005-10-11 11:26:58
From:   smithnc

A bunch of developers have forked Asterisk into OpenPBX.org and are enjoying the anarchy and freedom of fixing bugs and getting code in they could not get committed before. It's very infectious. and the enthusiasm keeps building. http://www.OpenPBX.org
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  • Geoff Broadwell photo -of fun Asterisk->OpenPBX.org
    2005-10-11 14:03:13  Geoff Broadwell | [View]

    I think this is going to get relatively common unless the old guard starts opening up commits. A number of projects with tight committer rules have been forked of late -- it seems the benefits of free committership are starting to overwhelm the taboo against forking.

    Personally, I think tight committer controls on OSS are exactly the kind of damage that one should expect get routed around.

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