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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Error create entire directory structure
Date:   2005-10-10 01:58:19
From:   onestar
Hi all!

When I moved to C:\rails then I typed "rails cookbook" had messages error in command line " 'rails' is not recognized as internal or external command,operable program or batch file".

I don't understand reason why.I'd like to know solve this problem.


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  • Error create entire directory structure
    2005-10-11 14:45:03  tom@yogajones [View]

    I had the same question on August 22--the second reply did the trick. Be sure to follow the full advice, including reading the documentation. It will probably be a two-step process to install Rails properly.
    • Error create entire directory structure
      2005-10-13 07:08:59  onestar [View]

      Thanks tom@yogajones!

      First I tried Ruby with application in website. I need some help to run this application to know how Ruby On Rails work. And I'll love it to begin.