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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Almost, But Not Quite: .htaccess - SOLVED!
Date:   2002-05-02 09:16:37
From:   naclay
Response to: Almost, But Not Quite: .htaccess - SOLVED!

About BBEdit... I cant save a file with a "." as the first character in the file name. i.e. I can save a file as "htaccess" but not ".htaccess". Is there some other option I need to change?


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  • Almost, But Not Quite: .htaccess - SOLVED!
    2002-07-15 13:27:06  jgbutler [View]

    This is addressed in the BBEdit FAQ at


    You might also want to look into TinkerTool, which will make "dot" files visible in Finder.