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  Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   Problems getting scripts running.
Date:   2002-05-01 17:09:33
From:   cwdegidio
I tried running my script using the information above, but I got the following:

Forbidden (etc, etc etc.)

I checked my error logs and this is what is said....

Options ExecCGI is off in this directory: /Users/shellyst/Sites/env.cgi

so whats wrong?

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  • Problems getting scripts running.
    2002-05-07 05:03:25  david.parrish@buentec.com [View]

    The instructions in the article set-up the CGI-Executables directory under /Library/WebServer/ to execute CGIs.

    To use your 'personal' web-serving space (that you refer to above), you need to follow the same set of instructions regarding ScriptAlias, but apply them to the directory under /Users/ that you want to execute the CGI from.