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  How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data
Subject:   Backup won't when computer is sleeping
Date:   2005-10-02 12:20:59
From:   kreiggers
My biggest gripe with Backup 3 is that your scheduled backups will not run if your computer is asleep. So scheduling my backups for 3am every night -- when I'm not using my laptop -- will not happen until I wake it up. Then Backup intrudes in what I want to get done to tell me it didn't back up what I wanted -- very annoying.

Apple, please fix this, it's stupid, anoying, and just plain inelegant.

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  • Backup won't when computer is sleeping
    2005-11-29 10:26:13  mattinva [View]

    I will never understand why people complain that their computer does not do x, y, or z while it is sleeping. They other day I read someone complaining that their computer disconnects from the internet when sleeping. When the computer is asleep, it does not do *anything*. The hard drive spins down. The processor stops executing commands. Nothing happens. If you want your computer to do something at night, you shouldn't put it to sleep!
  • Backup won't when computer is sleeping
    2005-10-09 11:57:16  AndyBrown [View]

    Well... It can be done in theory by setting your computer to wake every night just before your backup is done. You should be able to use the schedule option on the energy saver tab of your System Preferences. But and it's a big but, at least on my system (10.39) this will work once only then reset itself so once again it's back to having annoying messages from Backup when you go back to the computer in the morning.

    Ditto above, very frustrating.