Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Ive got a Problem
Date:   2005-10-01 23:12:16
From:   Midnightlova
I keep getting this error when I Know I have set up the config just fine

c:\ppc.cfg: unknown identifier 'ppc_start_full_screen' in line 13.
usage: ppc configfile

How do I fix this so it will boot up?

Someone Please help! :(

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  • Ive got a Problem
    2006-04-20 14:21:07  ericthebase [View]

    this happened to me at first too. go to the config. file and click "open with", then select chose file from list. then clcik "notepad" when the new widow comes up go to line 13. i should look like

    ppc_start_full_screen = 0

    delete that line altogether, and try again. note: this is not a guarantee.