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  Flawed JDO Points the Way to the "Objectbase"
Subject:   Is an ORDBMS not just another persistence store for JDO?
Date:   2002-05-01 01:43:57
From:   fontaineb
Response to: JDO can give us more than just JavaBean functionality

JDO technology is not tied to relational databases. Nothing prevents the JDO implementation to use the objectbase approach, as far as the JDO contract is respected. A vendor could even provide tools that generate the database objects definitions. Do you see any "contradiction" between the JDO and objectbase techniques that would prevent objectbase to be used as the basis of a JDO implementation?
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  • Donald Bales photo An ORDBMS is not just another persistence store for JDO
    2002-05-01 20:11:00  Donald Bales | O'Reilly Author [View]

    JDO has no means of supporting methods calls for UDTs. So the use of JDO would mean the objectbase would be nothing more that a UDT database.
    • An ORDBMS is not just another persistence store for JDO
      2002-06-02 23:38:22  tomdavies [View]

      But JDO associates a Java class name with each instance stored in the database, so effectively it is defining method calls on UDTs. It would be possible to have a JDO implementation which serialized class files to the DB at the time they were enhanced and used a custom class loader to load the class as the data was retrieved.