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  Flawed JDO Points the Way to the "Objectbase"
Subject:   JDBC 2.0 Driver list
Date:   2002-04-30 15:24:13
From:   fontaineb
Response to: JDBC 2.0 Driver list

JDBC is just an API. Many of the JDBC drivers listed on Javasoft's Web site, and that are supposed to implement JDBC 2.0 capability indeed implement the API but:

a) throw an Exception when you invoke JDBC 2.0-specific methods. A typical example is the previous() method of ResultSet. Another could be the updateRow() method.

b) don't implement what the JDBC 2.0-specific technique is actually supposed to bring. A typical example is the batch update feature: the updates are often just sent one after the other.

I would be glad to hear about a successful experience with a solution other than Oracle. If I take the example of PostgreSQL, a JDBC 2.0 driver is indeed available, but doesn't implement SQLInput and SQLOutput. Hence...
(cf. http://lab.applinet.nl/postgresql-jdbc)

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  • Donald Bales photo JDBC 2.0 Driver list
    2002-04-30 16:28:52  Donald Bales | O'Reilly Author [View]

    What you say is true, many drivers list themselves as v2.0 but really aren't. That's because they are drivers for relational databases not object-relational. As far as I know, no "free" objectbase software exists. But that is not surprising. The current implementations of "free" relational databases still have not reached the Oracle7 milestone of implementation from the early 1990s. More important, Oracle9i is the first mature version of object-relational technology. And, that's why I believe it's time to start using objectbases instead of databases. A truly "usable" objectbase finally exists.