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  Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 4
Subject:   ?IP and port Number
Date:   2002-04-28 06:40:36
From:   wguyette
Installed Streamripper, as a learning experience-great article. Using the example IP and port numbers, everything worked fine.

When I control-click on a "Tune-In" link on shoutcast I got:

No IP or port number.

Also, I guess I just don't get something. If you have to know the IP address in advance, isn't this a lot of work, as well as being nonspecific. ie. you can get a stream, but what you get is sort of random, no specific songs.

I must be missing some basic concept.


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  • ?IP and port Number
    2002-05-09 21:05:17  psheldon [View]

    A simple click, not control click, buys iTunes launching and playing a selected new radio station track in library. Command i buys a dialogue and then a url button gets the number for you to paste.

    That's what you and the author may have missed. Did you see anything else likely on that control contextual menu more likely than a copy?