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  Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   error 1044 and 1045...ok..but no CREATE
Date:   2002-04-26 06:49:02
From:   gaga1
Response to: error 1044 and 1045

Much obliged for your response. Followed your lesson. Yep. Great. PHP works.

But nope. No indication of how to CREATE a database in MySQL. Your example uses the "test" db in the MYSQL pkg.

I still get 1044 when attempting to create a db in MySQL:

mysql> CREATE DATABASE gaga;
ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'gaga'

Now what do to get "Access accepted" to create a new db?


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  • error 1044 and 1045...ok..but no CREATE
    2003-07-04 17:21:16  anonymous2 [View]

    how do i get into the 'shell' ....
  • Morbus Iff photo error 1044 and 1045...ok..but no CREATE
    2002-04-26 18:34:12  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Part 5 was intended to get MySQL up and running on your OS X box. It's not intended to teach you how to administer MySQL, or code SQL, or any of that stuff. So, your best bet is to get a book on MySQL, or start perusing MySQL tutorials around on the web.
    • error 1044 and 1045...ok..but no CREATE
      2002-04-26 20:49:58  gaga1 [View]

      Much obliged once agan for your curt reminder. Now I've gone to a dozen websites on MySQL, all say different things, and all are very cryptic, and none address the issue.

      Would it not suffice just to say "oh yeah, to create a database in MySQL you need to do X..., and be sure that you have done Y to get rid of that pesky 1044 access denied message"

  • error 1044 and 1045...ok..but no CREATE
    2002-04-26 14:46:01  venste [View]

    i have the same problems also. the test.php file cant even find the db "test"

    How the hell do i create db's

    this is why i hate unix, if there was a gui, i wouldnt be complaining
    • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
      2002-04-27 23:02:35  gaga1 [View]

      Figured this error 1044 & 1045 out and would like to share it:

      at the shell key in

      >mysql -u(username) -p mysql

      //*you'll be prompted to give your password.
      Key it in (you won't see anything).

      Bingo! You are in and can start creating!

      Here's what it looked like from my iBook terminal:
      Welcome to Darwin!
      [localhost:~] gaga% mysql -uroot -p mysql
      Enter password:
      Reading table information for completion of table and column names
      You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A

      Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
      Your MySQL connection id is 28 to server version: 3.23.49-entropy.ch

      Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.


      • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
        2003-07-24 17:25:53  anonymous2 [View]

        maybe this will help someone...

        when i type:
        " ./mysql -uroot -p mysql"

        i get:
        Enter password:
        ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)

        what fixed it was
        doing this:

        " ./mysqladmin -u root password [type a password here]"

        then i log on doing this:

        "./mysql -uroot -p"

        from there i can finally log on and create databases... this is using the latest osx update (10.2.6) and the latest version of mysql (4.0.14-standard)

        good luck
      • usernameerror 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
        2003-06-25 21:41:34  anonymous2 [View]

        >>> from Alex

        Thanks for that gagal, it was a real help

        Detective Sergeant
        Computer Crime Squad
        Victoria Police
      • access denied errors
        2003-05-24 22:36:14  anonymous2 [View]

        Thank You gaga1 for posting your fix that you found totally on your own with no help of the author, mysql.com tutorial, etc.
        It's nice to follow a tutorial like this and do things but sometimes the authors don't think it too important to tell us about little syntax idiosyncrasies like the difference between -u root and -uroot. with the former I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn't connect. with the latter of which you provided It worked. I'm in as root user. and I am realatively comfortable with unix but was totally unaware of the whitespace issue in using mysql. I hope everyone else that had this problem can fix it here. It worked for me and others. once again. a big thanks for the trial and error method of gaga1 and not the help of the author.
      • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
        2003-05-02 17:03:09  anonymous2 [View]

        I am trying to do as you've instructed but I get a message that says ERROR 1049: Unknown database 'mysql'. Any clues?
        • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
          2003-05-20 19:59:26  anonymous2 [View]

          I appreciate everbody's advice but i am still getting the dreaded 1044 message even after i keyed this in...
          Last login: Tue May 20 20:09:51 on ttyp2
          Welcome to Darwin!
          You have new mail.
          [localhost:~] mdhowes% mysql -umdhowes -p mysql
          Enter password:
          ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'mdhowes@localhost' (Using password: YES)
          [localhost:~] mdhowes% mysql -uroot -p mysql
          Enter password:
          ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)
          [localhost:~] mdhowes%

          Any Ideas? Personally I think it was a bum install on my behalf
          Thanx in advance
          • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
            2003-05-24 22:42:24  anonymous2 [View]

            I don't know but maybe you had my problem. I just posted a thank you to gaga1. his advice helped me. I had to try it 2 times as I had run mysqladmin at one time trying to fix up my problem and had changed the password to my system admin password on my machine. so the second time I tried that and I found that it had been changed. if that don't work I'm at a loss. check through the online documentation at http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/

            Good Luck.
      • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
        2002-07-13 13:03:07  msimoes@umich.edu [View]

        I was having the same problem myself and your instructions worked like a charm, thanks!
        • error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
          2002-10-02 19:24:57  anonymous2 [View]

          First, I want to give a "BIG THANKS!" to gaga1. I finally got mysql working!

          And, to morbus: If all you have to say is a patronizing "RTFM," please don't bother posting. With all of the flavors of UNIX there are, Mac OS X is probably one of the strangest. And most of the users, like Venste and me, are used to a GUI and are having a difficult time already. One of the things we also got used to is finding help. We are constantly reminded that we make up a small percentage of personal computers out there, and we have to try 10 times harder just to get help-- going to the local computer store does no good. So, in general, I agree, read the manual first. But don't assume everyone else is lazy and did not bother looking for answers before posting. We are all just trying to learn.