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Subject:   No Datbase Selected Error
Date:   2005-09-28 06:31:15
From:   curth
Response to: No Datbase Selected Error

This probably means taht you didn't edit the config\database.yml to specify the name of your database (cookbook). Or, if you did, perhaps its mispelled or contains an extraneous blank or tab character at the end.
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  • No Datbase Selected Error
    2005-09-28 15:21:57  rlnux [View]

    I checked the database.yml. There are no extra characters. Everything is proper. Is than an osx issue?
    • No Datbase Selected Error
      2005-09-30 09:50:09  nicolash [View]

      I have the same problem (os x 10.4.2 /MySQL 4.1.14),
      it's definitely not a space problem. So just to say its not a unique case. And to ask if anybody can solve this.
      First I had the same problem like the one at 2005-05-01 22:11:23, after i compiled by hand like adviced

      i ran into this new problem
    • Curt Hibbs photo No Datbase Selected Error
      2005-09-28 19:26:02  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      I'm not an OSX user. Your bestr bet would to be to subscribe to the Rails Mailing List and ask there (a *lot* of the rails developers use OSX). You can subscribe here:
      • No Datbase Selected Error
        2005-10-02 20:20:01  rlnux [View]

        Install locomotive and it works great: