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  Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer
Subject:   Problems
Date:   2005-09-28 06:19:29
From:   aguevara
I downloaded the SQLExplorer plugin as you indicate in the article. The .zip file only contains a plugin directory and no features directory as stated.

When I re-start Eclipse and do not see the SQLExplorer option when I use "Open perspective".

I checked the latest version (2.2.4) as well as the one you recommend in the article (2.2.3) and both of them only have a plugins directory.

Although TOAD and other IDEs are very nice, I am looking forward to being able to doing this from inside Eclipse.

Any information you can share with me in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Please send me an email at he address below (it would be great if you use a O'Reilly SQL Explorer on the subject).

Thanks !.

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  • Problems
    2005-09-28 10:09:14  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    Reinstall Eclipse if the SQL Explorer plugin does not get registered.
    • Problems
      2005-11-30 14:48:57  step1up [View]

      I had a similar problem, and reinstalling eclipse didn't help. is there any extra configuration that need to be done?
      Can any one help?
      thank you.
      • Problems
        2005-11-30 16:42:21  Deepak Vohra | [View]

        Restart the Package Explorer.
        Install the plugin and restart Eclipse.
        • Problems
          2006-05-04 12:15:17  RajeshRangachari [View]

          I am also having the similar problem. I installed GEF and SQLExplorer. But still the SQLExplorer is not appearing in the "Open Perspective"
          • Problems
            2006-05-04 14:34:01  Deepak Vohra | [View]

            Close the Package Explorer by clicking on the Package Explorer frame. Reopen the Package Explorer by selecting Window>Show View>Package Explorer.
      • Problems
        2005-12-01 09:01:54  Deepak Vohra | [View]

        After restarting the Package Explorer are you still getting the error?
      • Problems
        2005-12-08 10:26:06  subguys [View]

        You have to install GEF, you can download it from http://www.eclipse.org/gef or using the software update of Eclipse 3.1. then you will see the SQLexplorer
      • MySQL-JDBC with Eclipse -Problem solved
        2007-09-09 23:05:27  sugam.sharma [View]

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