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  iBatis DAO
Subject:   Why extend Dao?
Date:   2005-09-26 12:48:41
From:   adamkrieg
Is it me or is this whole exercise pointless if your Dao interface needs to extend iBatis's Dao interface? Your Dao interface should have no dependencies on iBatis or color me unimpressed. Or am I missing something?
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  • Why extend Dao?
    2006-07-08 18:45:19  Fucema [View]

    Strictly speaking, you are using IBatis DAO as your DAO layer. You are not extending or combining your existing DAO with Ibatis DAO.

    IBatis DAO is meant to substitute having to hand code your own custom DAO API.
  • Why extend Dao?
    2005-09-27 06:08:10  SunilPatil [View]

    Dao is marker interface.
    Not sure what do you mean by it should not have any dependency on iBatis.