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  How to Set Up Backup 3 and Save Your Data
Subject:   compression ideas?
Date:   2005-09-23 21:13:36
From:   arikahn
It seems to me the best way to make use of that precious network backup space is to compress the files before backing up. Can anybody think of a smart folder/folder script solution to make this happen?


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  • Derrick Story photo RE: compression ideas?
    2005-09-23 22:16:34  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Compression is good... Backup 3 does compress the archive before writing it to disk. Now, I don't know the efficiency of the compression compared to a .zip file, but compression is part of the routine that goes like this:

    Scans the files on your Mac's hard disk, then checks your iDisk to make sure you have enough room, then compresses the archive, and finally uploads the archive to your iDisk.
    • RE: compression ideas?
      2005-09-24 09:45:08  arikahn [View]

      Ok, great-- thanks. I followed the smart folder tip, and unfortunately some files with wrong modified dates threw the whole backup off. I'll fix those and try again.