A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   Will it work in Jdeveloper 9.0.3
Date:   2005-09-20 06:06:30
From:   khalidFahd
Hi Prabhu, this is khalid,im been searching for dynamic Menus in JSP. I found your web page service,download and convert all files into Jdeveloper, this project is almost through...Finally when i run the project i get EOF error, im sure it comes from xml.. Can you please reply me ASAP and send me a complete step by step or demo how to setup and run this project in Jdeveloper or http Apache JServ.I appreciate your timing help in advance..



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  • Will it work in Jdeveloper 9.0.3
    2005-10-17 19:15:49  HoneyJava [View]

    hi khalid, this is mahesh and i am having the same problem when i used it in Oracle Jdevloper.but i don't have any error and the menu is not displayed...if u found any sol send me too also.thank you in advacne...