Monitoring Network Traffic with Netflow
Subject:   libnsl on FreeBSD
Date:   2005-09-19 18:18:45
From:   agshekeloh
Response to: libnsl on FreeBSD

I've installed the tools in exactly this manner on eight different machines. Following the instructions *exactly* will make flowdumper work.

When you say "it doesn't complain," are you talking about the line that says "no library found for -libnls"? If so, did you make exactly the edit in the article, or did you use the patch in the posted followup comment?

I can't comment on the patch in the comment, but I can say that the edit in the article has always worked, both for me and a variety of other people. I have lost no functionality from the tools, on 4.x and 5.x.

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  • libnsl on FreeBSD
    2006-08-07 04:04:21  rihad [View]

    It's a pity all the needed software has to be set up in a generic Unix way: its authors are not adhering to FreeBSD standards (rcNG, etc). Every locally maintained ad-hoc startup script makes system upgrades a bit more painful and is just plain ugly.

    After almost one year, thing have not changed.

    Thanks for the HOWTO, though. Everything worked for me.
  • libnsl on FreeBSD
    2005-09-20 15:07:18  jasontaylor1 [View]

    I tried both methods and played around a bit myself. Flowdumper simply produced no output when run against my collected flow files.

    BUT.. I've just tried again using method on last page of article and it's now working...

    Thanks for the encouragements to retry. Now to get the other tools in part 2 of the article working, which are also not working right.

    • libnsl on FreeBSD
      2008-03-04 10:23:34  Joao Ceron [View]

      You must ensure that the file referenced by perl is the same as that compiled.

      cd flow-tools/work/flow-tools-0.68/contrib/Cflow-1.051

      agrius# md5 /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/mach/
      MD5 ( = 19e30f1834c7f81c6aeddeb605993757
      MD5 (/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/mach/ = 19e30f1834c7f81c6aeddeb605993757