What Is a Portlet
Subject:   Good article but...........
Date:   2005-09-19 05:28:19
From:   SunilPatil
Response to: Good article but...........


I am big fan of Portal Technology and i feel that it is next big thing.

These are few things which you can not do in portlet
1) You can not generate arbitary markup.(Portlet which generates image)
2) Portlets are not url addressable. You can not send URL of your Portlet application to someone.
3) I think Portlet development is little bit more restrictive then Servlets.

But your right you can not say that if a technology is good that means it will solve all possible problems.


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  • Good article but...........
    2007-04-20 02:24:09  Sreehari [View]


    It's nice to here the words about Portlets.
    I want to develop some portlets. I just want to know the steps to proceed for developing portlets.

    Can you pls provide the same and info about softwares where we can run the portals.

    Thanks in Advance !!