What Is a Portlet
Subject:   Pluto now has a deployment interface
Date:   2005-09-17 07:01:28
From:   craigdoremus
Since rc-3, Pluto has an admin portlet application that includes a web interface for deploying portlets to Pluto and eliminates the necessity of working with the registry XML files. Click on the Admin link on Pluto's navigation and the help (help mode) link in Deploy War portlet for instructions on how to deploy custom portlets with the Admin interface. You will need to restart Pluto to see a newly deployed portlet in the Pluto portal. However, in the 1.0.1 GA release, due out this week, the admin portlet app will support hot deployment of portlets.
BTW, I am a Pluto commiter and the creator of the Admin interface.
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  • Portal is differtent & portlet is different
    2007-12-27 23:39:49  jeevap [View]

    good article. but Portal is different & portlet is different.

    Portal means page personalization and content management, then why we need portlets?
    what is the role of portlet to achive a portal?

    weblogic portal is not using portlet. but they achived portal we efficient way?

    my thoughts portlets will kill java web developers.

    we can't say portlet solves all problems, it is creating more problems for developers.

  • Pluto now has a deployment interface
    2009-10-01 10:16:04  EnyahJhaynE [View]


    I use the Pluto 2.0 and saw the admin portlet app. But I'm having problem of my portlet. I have deployed my war file through the tomcat which is bundled in Pluto. The war file is successfully deployed and I have stop and restart Pluto but haven't seen the portlet I have created. Do you know what to do on how I would see my portlet?