ASP.NET Forms Authentication, Part 2
Subject:   Force AD Login in from all pages.
Date:   2005-09-15 10:07:12
From:   tward3017
Can some give me an example of how in I can force a user who attempts to browse a page to be directed to the AD Login page.
Example: http://sitename/login.aspx
User tries to get to http://sitename/subdir/page.aspx I need them to be redirected to the login page and maintain authentication to any page after successfully authentication other wise they constantly get the loginpage.aspx.
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  • Force AD Login in from all pages.
    2005-09-19 23:24:41  najeemmillyas [View]


    You may set a session variable immediately after login success.Also you may chech the session set or not while a page is accessing.If session session not set then redirect the user to login page

    Sample code


    'after athentication success


    'under page load event of protected page

    if (Session("sess_var")="")


    End if

    place the above code in any page u need to protect.