Building J2EE Projects with Maven
Subject:   Trouble with the instructions.....
Date:   2005-09-14 09:25:02
Response to: Trouble with the instructions.....

Same thing happens when building the waf module on page 4. Again, solution is to go to the depended upon modules in turn and run their default targets


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  • Trouble with the instructions.....
    2005-09-15 05:13:38  vmassol [View]

    Hi Andrew,

    This is simply because I haven't set up a reactor to build all the projects. Here what you can do to build it all at once:

    - go to the top level (for example in maven-xpetstore-ejb-3.1.3)
    - type "maven multiproject:install -Dmaven.multiproject.includes=**/project.xml"

    I guess I should add this in a maven.xml file at the top so that typing "maven" will simply work. Honestly I haven't fine-tuned the build; I just wrote the minimum for the article.