Weblog:   Google Talk and iChat SSL Error - 9843
Subject:   File a bug with Apple
Date:   2005-09-14 07:09:38
From:   chuckdude
Hey Ernie,

With stuff like this, you should file a bug with Apple. There's a high chance that they may not know about this problem, or that other people have complained of the same issue and may not think fixing the problem is a priority. The more people who file a bug on this, the better the chance is of Apple realizing their mistake and issuing a bug fix via Software Update.

To file a bug with Apple, just go to http://bugreport.apple.com. You'll need to have an ADC account to issue bug reports. If you're not an ADC member, you can sign up for a free online ADC membership by following the link off that page.

Don't forget to provide as much detail as you can when filing a bug, and be sure to include the output from System Profiler as well.

It's easy to complain about problems with the system, but if you don't report them to Apple, how will they know to fix them?


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  • Ernest E. Rothman photo File a bug with Apple
    2005-09-19 06:05:11  Ernest E. Rothman | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Good point.

    In this case it looks Google is working on a fix. But I agree that Apple should be made aware of this, especially since it doesn't seem to affect other Jabber clients.

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

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