Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   localhost while offline
Date:   2002-04-19 12:48:41
I still cant get localhost or while I'm offline. If I get on load a page then get off I can get this but not otherwise. Something to do with IE??
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  • localhost while offline
    2002-06-26 06:14:20  mark.asbach [View]

    This problem is related to Mac OS X's default lookup behaviour that tries to ask a DNS first. The sideeffect beeing that localhost can't be resolved without a network, Mail hanging when startet offline, the computer pausing for 10 minutes when startet offline, etc.

    To get rid of this, you need to do two steps:

    - First configure the lookup order in Netinfo. See "man lookupd" for this. The example is good, so take most of it into your Netinfo config. Make a global lookup order that asks the Netinfo-Agent first, and the NILagent afterwards. Add a DNS lookup order that uses NIagent, cacheagent, DNSagent and NILagent in this order.

    - Add an entry for localhost and broadcasthost to the netinfo database.
  • Morbus Iff photo localhost while offline
    2002-04-19 15:34:36  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I've had occasional problems with IE and the local server (90% of the time, I can't access localhost, but can get fine). Have you tried other browsers? (I've had no issues with Mozilla or iCab).