Reading and Writing Excel Files with POI
Subject:   How to get embed object from excel
Date:   2005-09-12 12:31:33
From:   BaluGreat
I want to get the image in excel, but image is embeded in excel.

(Note: While click the image, the value in address bar is mentioned as --> =EMBED("MSPhotoEd.3",""))

Thanks in advance

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  • proble with POI
    2005-10-11 05:58:49  anishmad [View]


    it some times occur that we r not able to read the sheets from XLS file , if we again manage to open the XLS file then its reading ..... please solve out as our project is in critical stage

    more over the error came at intiating a object of HSSF ....

    plz solve it out fast